DAMEmagazine.com, a website created for women announces its launch. With columns and think pieces covering cultural trends, business, lifestyle, fashion, politics, celebrity and more, DAME launched in beta this summer and officially unveils today. The company claims to be “targeting a new generation of women – they’re smart and accomplished and they’re calling the shots more than any before them, both at work and at home.”

DAME’s interests are as broad as the lives of its readers. Rather than break news, DAME claims to make sense of it in an often irreverent and ironic style. The stories are snackable and made for sharing – women want their media to be as smart and clever as they are.   The magazine says its content will make women think, argue, laugh with all the wit and panache women admire in their closest friend.

“Women are gaining more influence, reaching unprecedented heights and claiming roles no woman has claimed before,” says founder Jennifer Reitman, a publishing veteran of over 15 years. “DAME is for those women who are leading that change. Women I know, admire, women who are my friends. We’ve built careers, empires, and a circle of friends we’d die for. We’ve been around the block, and we can laugh at what it took to get there.”

The DAME reader has reached a point in her life marked by accomplishment, savvy and confidence. She wants a site that truly gets her, combining everything she cares about into one current, clever and opinionated destination. With an impressive stable of freelance contributors who’ve written for The New York Times, The Daily Beast, Slate, Jezebel, Marie Claire and The Huffington Post to name a few, a sample of DAME’s features include, “The Ex-Games: Broken Up But Living Together,” “Get Hired, Not Screwed,” and “The Only Winner in the Petraeus Scandal? Email.”


“Women have always been interested in more than ‘women’s interests’,” says editor-in- chief Sanjiv Bhattacharya, a former features editor of GQ (UK). “That’s why they like men’s magazines, because the scope is broader, they’re often more unleashed. DAME brings some of the men’s magazine flavor to a female audience. We’re going to have some fun.”

The essential destination for modern women who want an intelligent mix of informed, entertaining and unexpected content that gets people talking: DAME – For Women Who Know Better.


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