Joe Kutchera, the author of “Latino Link: Building Brands Online With Hispanic Communities and Content,” is convinced that targeting Hispanics online is no longer possible without building — and maintaining — a continuous relationship with consumers on social networks. Perhaps that is why Kutchera, a former Time Warner executive, loves to tell the story of Gamesa, a PepsiCo-owned company that turned a viral sensation into its own advertising pitch in Mexico.

For the uninitiated, “La caída de Edgar” (“Edgar’s Fall”) is a home video featuring a Mexican kid named Edgar and his cousin Fernando hiking on a ranch near their home town of Monterrey. The video, originally uploaded in 2006, became so popular that it continues to attract viewers (over 21 million viewings as of Nov. 30) and gave rise to a local phenomenon that included ringtones, games, parodies, remixes and even a web page where Edgar was proposed for Mexico’s presidency.

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