Tutele and Tutele Dos is expanding its programming only two months after its successful launch. Created by Maker Studios, the original programming on www.youtube.com/tutele has garnered great audience response. On January 30th, Tutele and Tutele Dos will launch “La Chamba,” “M.I Entertainment” and “Power House en Español,” while “Loco por Ti” will debut in March and “Tierra Santa” will launch in April.

  • “La Chamba” is a series based on a group of talented Latinos who are creators of original online content for an internet studio. Audiences will be able to witness comedic situations as they work their way up to position their name in the cyber world industry of entertainment in Hollywood.
  • “M.I. Entertainment” brings audiences  a dynamic and fresh look at relevant events in the world of entertainment, sports, horoscopes, fashion and music with the premier of
  • “Power House en Español” is Tutele’s first cartoon series, and focuses on a non-conventional trio composed by Tim and Pidi, who possess super powers, and Ricky who advices them on how to use them on each one of their amazing adventures.

In March Tutele will launch “Loco por Ti” a romantic comedy that tells the story of three people that face the challenge of remaining friends when love enters their lives and changes the fiber of their relationship forever. The audience will be able to follow these characters in their pursuit of love and happiness. In addition, the network will also foray into drama when in April it launches “Tierra Santa,” a new production focused on immigration in the United States and the many real stories lived by immigrants when coming to this country in search of the American dream.

The current programming on Tutele & Tutele Dos has surpassed all expectations. The soap opera “Melodía de Amor” has garnered over 183,000 visits and an 89% acceptance rate.  The action/adventure series “Si! Es I, Pepe” has garnered over 222,665 visits and over 94% audience acceptance.

For more information, visit  www.youtube.com/tutele

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