Ogilvy Public Relations (Ogilvy PR) today announced the launch of Espresso, a new service offering designed to give emerging brands and start-up companies access to big brand thinking, consultation and measurable results. Developed specifically with the needs of emerging brands in mind, Espresso includes a range of services from brand narrative and messaging through media exposure and influencer relations, all within a simple, affordable and flexible cost structure.

Ed Messman, CEO of SpotRight, one of the first brands to experience Espresso, stated, “We know we have a compelling business proposition, but we were looking for help in creating our brand story in order for our target audiences to appreciate the significance of what we are bringing to market. The ability to tap into Ogilvy PR in a modular fashion affords us the value of a large agency with the speed to market and entrepreneurial spirit of a startup.”

Luca Penati, managing director of the Global Technology Practice at Ogilvy PR added, “Building on our strong industry reputation in helping to support and grow some of today’s biggest brands, Espresso is designed to offer emerging brands access to our broad network of expertise within a flexible and affordable cost structure. Developed with direct feedback from the start-up and venture capital community, Espresso is individually tailored to meet a company’s specific public relations needs and budget. Those needs range from shaping brand stories to building exposure to accessing relationships of influence.”

Ogilvy PR is currently a programming partner with Rock Health, a San Francisco-based organization that supports digital health entrepreneurs through a startup accelerator, public events, and open-source research. As a programming partner, Ogilvy offers mentorship, consultation, and media relations expertise to Rock Health and its start-up teams.

Halle Tecco, CEO and founder of Rock Health added, “We partnered with Ogilvy because the new Espresso offering provides our start-ups the opportunity to access the Ogilvy braintrust and public relations muscle. In return, Ogilvy has the opportunity to work with the brightest minds that are changing healthcare.”


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