Industry Insiders, Influencers, and Thought & Brand Leaders, Join Together for One Day to Explore and Share Insights About the Cross Cultural Marketplace

OgilvyCULTURE, Ogilvy & Mather’s strategic services practice focused on creating cross cultural advertising and marketing for “the New General Market,” today debuts its inaugural Cross Cultural Marketing Conference. OgilvyCULTURE, clients and partners held the day-long event to better understand the importance of this new marketplace.

The conference will have panel and roundtable discussions, featuring speakers from Ogilvy’s management, including Miles Young, John Seifert, and OgilvyCULTURE’s Jeffrey Bowman, as well as industry leaders and influencers, such as Univision,, Google, Nielsen, CNN, Turner, Vibe Lifestyle Network, CAA, Gay Ad Network and Black Enterprise. There will be a variety of topics open for discussion, all focusing on the “new general market,” representing Hispanic, Black, Asian and LGBT audiences. Updates from the conference will be posted on the event’s twitter feed at #ogilvyculture.“Core to who we are as an organization, and what David Ogilvy stood for, OgilvyCULTURE was created to explore values and beliefs of distinct cultures, and then translate how brands can cross-connect in meaningful and personal ways,” said Jeffrey Bowman, OgilvyCULTURE Lead and Partner, Marketing Strategist, Ogilvy & Mather. “At this conference, we will explore best practices and understand how brands can be heard and relevant among the diverse US audiences.”

Since announcing the development of this practice last November, OgilvyCULTURE has been tapped by such clients as Kodak, IKEA and British Airways to develop strategic initiatives and communications programs that enable clients to communicate, inform and execute across different cultures.

OgilvyCULTURE aligns a number of new capabilities the agency has developed as part of its commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workforce which has led to a series of strategic partnerships. OgilvyCULTURE includes broad representation from Ogilvy’s Professional Networks, which include Black Diaspora, LatinRed, RedLotus, OgilvyPride, Young Professionals, Doonya, Working Parents, Women’s Leadership, and Administrative Professionals groups. The practice offers a full range of services including marketing strategy, creative strategy, digital strategy, CRM, analytics and public relations.

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