Today, OCP launched its newest effort toward supporting and connecting with Hispanic Catholics—OCPmusica, a Spanish-language Facebook fan page.

“As the fastest growing segment in the Church, we wanted to give Hispanic Catholics a place to both communicate with OCP as a company and with each other, to explore and share their faith—regardless of where they are located,” says Pedro Rubalcava, Director of Hispanic Ministries for OCP. “By creating a page that truly speaks to people within both a cultural and a language context, OCPmusica is yet another example of OCP’s commitment to serving the Spanish-speaking Catholic community.”

Features of the page include: weekly song suggestions from OCP experts, shareable sound samples, product updates, plus news and resources that will aid in liturgical planning. Fans of OCPmusica can leave comments, meet and converse with each other and even post their own content to this new page.

In addition to allowing OCP to interact with their customers, the Facebook page is a platform for collaboration among partners in Catholic ministry around the world.

Director of Marketing, Monica Rada explains, “As has been the case with the English-language Facebook page, (OCPmusic currently with over 2,000 fans) we are hopeful that OCPmusica will continue to be an extension of our commitment to customer service. We are eager to connect one-on-one with the Hispanic Catholic community we serve.”

Both Facebook users and non-users can read posted content and browse OCP’s new Facebook page. However, due to Facebook’s general rules, commenting on OCPmusica’s wall or participating in activities like spiritual reflections or promotions is currently only available to fans.

Fans should visit Facebook/OCPMusica and click ‘like’ to experience all the features of OCP’s fanpage in their newsfeed. For more information, contact Erin McClellan at 503-460-5363 or

One thought on “OCPmusica: The Hispanic Catholic’s Newest Facebook Favorite”
  1. Pedro, Felicidades! And Many Blessings on this much needed resource for the Church in the US.OCP’s commitment with Hispanic/Latinos is applauded for making this a reality a reach to many hearts who are driven to a closer relationship with God and one another through the rythmns and music generated from “el corazon del Pueblo.”

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