Continued Growth of Debit MasterCard Expected as Families Domestically and Abroad Seek More Efficient Ways to Transmit Currency

O2 Secure Wireless, Inc. (Pink Sheets: OTOW) is announcing the successful completion and highly anticipated launch of demographically targeted Hispanic Television commercial spots.

Commencing at the initial launch of the prepaid MasterCard, Val Kazia, President, O2 Secure Wireless Inc., has been searching for cost-effective ways to introduce this offering to the full spectrum of demographics and geographies.  He states: “We believe we have found a niche in the Hispanic sector; making our television and radio commercials comparatively advantageous. This is going to be a great sector for the company to serve.”

In addition to previously announced commercials across national television cable networks, O2 Wireless has recently kicked off a television and radio commercial campaign targeting the Spanish speaking community across the US and targeted radio ads within the southeastern US.  These commercials are targeting the use of O2 Secure Wireless’ branded pre-paid debit MasterCard, and utilizing the Company’s Dominican Republic call center to enroll new customers.  It is anticipated that these commercials will bring awareness to new clientele which is designed to escalate a continued increase the growth and acceptance of the cards, further increasing corporate profits.  The Company’s corporate goal is to increase the issuance of cards tenfold in the coming months.

These new commercials are strategized to introduce the card as it relates to sending of money to family members inside and outside of country, performing direct deposit, and the low overhead fees associated with using the card. The company is expecting a 100 fold increase in the number of cards issued following these campaigns.

The Company has moved the Grand Opening of the O2 Retail location forward. Unforeseen delays have developed due to water damage and the hindering process of local building requirements adherence. We plan to have a soft opening first for the Local community. Shortly thereafter the public Grand Opening will be announced.

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