The fact that all media consumption by Hispanic audiences continues to be very different from English-language viewers presents its challenges. But an equally glaring fact is that marketers who have not yet jumped deeply into Spanish-language advertising are missing considerable sales revenue potential from the approximate $1 trillion in annual spending by this audience segment.

Those marketers that have moved into the Hispanic ad marketplace have done so steadily over the past decade; although the numbers were slowed by the economic downturn, they continue to grow. On the Hispanic media side, new opportunities to reach Spanish-speaking audiences are being offered digitally, though not as rapidly as on the English-language side.

That should change, however, as data shows that Spanish-language consumers are heavier adopters of new technology. The audience presents a great potential target for digital platforms.

Still, several billion dollars a year are being spent on Spanish-language television alone, and new advertisers and brands are continuing to join the marketplace on a regular basis.

“Television is still the place where you get the most eyeballs, the most impressions of Hispanics,” says Al Cruz, partner and communications planning director at MediaCom. “According to Nielsen data, Hispanics make up 18.9% of the total 18-49 TV audience and Hispanics 18-34 make up 22% of that demo’s total audience.”

Cruz says unlike in the general market, where newspapers and magazines are struggling to keep readers, “print media for Hispanics is not falling apart as rapidly. The South in particular is a hotbed for Hispanic population growth and they turn first to newspapers to get their information.”

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