When we look across the swath of digital consumers in the U.S., Hispanics are now the most avid smartphone users around. In fact, according to the most recent cialis recreational

all consumers. When broken down by Hispanic subgroups, bilingual Hispanics dominate in terms of minutes used, as they spend more than 762 minutes per month talking on their mobile devices. This high level of mobile engagement parallels the high level of satisfaction that Hispanics have with their mobile service providers. Compared with all multicultural groups, Hispanics are consistently the most satisfied with their devices and carriers. These high levels of satisfaction also make them least likely to become “switchers” and change devices or carriers, suggesting that Hispanics stick with brands they like and are familiar with. From a holistic mobile perspective, Hispanics have become Super Consumers. Their high usage and engagement with mobile devices cross-functionally provides an interesting opportunity for those in the mobile space. With a population that will account for more than half of the population growth in the U.S. by 2020 and nearly 85% of growth by 2060, their current $1.4 trillion spending power will grow even larger. These Super Consumers provide an opportunity for marketers and advertisers working anywhere around the mobile world—whether it be devices, apps or carriers—to grab the attention of these highly engaged and highly valuable consumers. Read full report here.

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