Come publication day, Jorge Moreira Nunes is use to having a knock or two at his Deerfield Beach office door.

For 10 years, Nunes has published AcheiUSA — a Portuguese language newspaper catering to South Florida’s Brazilian community.

“They come here asking for help with immigration questions, or sometimes they are unsure if they should report something to the police,” Nunes said.

And though his background is in journalism, Nunes doesn’t turn anyone away. It’s why he founded AcheiUSA — the name means “I Found” — he wanted his fellow Brazilians to find the resources they needed in their new homeland.

“We wanted this to be the paper where Brazilians could come to find out about their community. Anyone can grab news from Brazil over the Internet, but we wanted to specialize in what was happening among the Brazilian community here in South Florida.”

AcheiUSA is one of more than two dozen niche publications catering to South Florida’s diverse immigrant groups from Latin America to the Caribbean.  To read the full story click here.

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