It is official Super Bowl XLIV will be a faceoff between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida on Feb 7. More and more U.S. sports leagues are courting the lucrative Hispanic market in attempt to tap into an aggressive fan base ready to shell out consumer dollars. The NFL’s strategic positioning and innovative marketing efforts for this season’s big game will allow them to do just that.

Often referred to as the ‘Gateway to Latin America’, Miami offers a definitive Latino flair to this year’s Super Bowl. The region boasts a population that is more than 62 percent Hispanic decent according to the 2007 U.S. Census. The population has made its mark. The South Florida vibe is unmistakably Latino. The music, the food, the fashion – the region is rich in Hispanic culture to the very core.

Miami-Dade County is no stranger to the Super Bowl. This will be the record breaking 10th time the Super Bowl will be held in this part of the country. On one level the choice is rational- the weather is ideal, the beaches are beautiful, the atmosphere is fun and the tourist industry can accommodate the crowd. On another and most likely more influential level the choice is strategic. What better way to captivate the Hispanic market than to bring the game to the famed Latino hotspot.  To read the full story click here.

4 thoughts on “NFL seeks to score big with Hispanic markets”
  1. Having the Super Bowl in a city that has a Hispanic population of over 50% is a start but it would be more effective if the very few Hispanics in the NFL were there to give autographs and take fotos with the fans. That’s what I call inspiration for the young Latinos!!

    Latin Connection eMagazine

  2. Everything Latino is usually the norm in Miami which I dearly love. But if that truly was the case.. we should have seen that demonstrated on a more national scale by the Superbowl commercials. The Hispanic buying power was ignored by the big dogs in advertising last night.
    Michellita Latina-ish

  3. “Ignored by the big dogs in advertising?” Just curious if you had any proof that Hispanics even tried. In October 2008, the Super Bowl Committee invited every small business in the DFW area to come and hear about new jobs and opportunities the next Super Bowl will bring to our area in Feb 2011. My Hispanic-owned company was there but as I looked around, I was disappointed to see I was almost the only one. Even though the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce advertised like crazy, no other Hispanic business owners showed up. (If they did, they were a handful) The opportunities were there, they just didn’t act upon it. Sad.

  4. Lmichele
    Respectfully I think you and I are talking about 2 separate but true issues…very few of” the Big Dogs” in advertising have yet to put legitimate dollars to gain the Hispanic consumer, and I know that doesn’t happen overnight, but the buying power of the Latino community should prove to them to invest the marketing dollars towards those efforts.

    I agree with you also, that for the Hispanic businesses to take part in the American dream, we have to be willing to stand next to any business and invest to gain consumers and we can’t do that if we sit and wait for a consumer to find us. It is sad.

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