In the title of his latest book, David Meerman Scott introduces the concept of Newsjacking into the marketing and public relations lexicon, a term that smacks of public relations pros taking over a news story. But ultimately it’s more about getting PR to think like journalists, reacting creatively to news stories in real time and developing quality content reporters can use in their stories.

This book builds on Scott’s earlier work, Real-Time Marketing & PR, which describes a world in which the old way of doing business — building carefully crafted messages — no longer works. That’s because in the new reality of online social media, customers have equal footing with advertisers, and they can wreak havoc on these messages.

What Scott is doing is encouraging PR to get in front of the story instead of reacting to it. As he writes: “Public discourse now moves so fast and so dynamically that all it takes is a single afternoon to blast the wheels off someone’s carefully crafted narrative.”

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One thought on “Newsjacking 101: PR Must Adapt to Web Journalism, Author Says”
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