Newlink Group, a Miami-based communications consultancy firm with operations across the Americas, was ranked as the number one public relations agency by the South Florida Business Journal.

“We are proud to see how Newlink’s unique ability to effectively help clients connect the dots has translated to our growth and leadership in this region,” said Sergio Roitberg, Chairman and CEO of Newlink Group.

Newlink Group encompasses several operations: Newlink America, the U.S. Hispanic public relations and advertising firm led by Jorge Ortega and Eduardo del Rivero; Newlink Political, directed by Mauricio De Vengoechea; Newlink Research, coordinated by Dr. Eduardo Gamarra; Newlink Strategy, managed by Albert Durig; and Newlink Factory, the full service creative and non-traditional media teams.

“We continue to apply a very effective model for business success: talent, technology and flawless execution,” Roitberg added.

With more than $7.3 million in revenue from the Miami operation alone, Newlink tops the list of agencies serving diverse national and multinational clients throughout the hemisphere and around the world. In addition, our South Florida headquarters oversee Newlink offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Peru.

This year, Newlink opened a firm that focuses on local and national clients targeting the U.S. Hispanic market.

“Eduardo and I are proud to be part of this innovative consulting group that has the breadth of talent and resources that clients value,” Ortega said.

Nearly fifty associates and partners work at Newlink’s Brickell Avenue offices and more than 200 work in its offices in Latin America and partner locations around the world.

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