Hispanic Millennials in the US engage brands on social media two times more than other consumers, providing companies many avenues to reach the demographic, according to a Newlink America analysis. The report, Hispanic Millennials: The Complete Roadmap, combines data from numerous studies about the nation’s Hispanic Millennials, from finance to media consumption, said Jorge Ortega, partner and co-founder of Newlink America. Newlink’s team that worked on the report included Millennials. Ortega said the information in the analysis can help marketers find the “passion point” between Hispanic Millennial consumers and brands. Brands should connect with Hispanic Millennials on digital platforms because the group’s brand engagement on social and openness to mobile ads doubles that of other consumers, the report states. Ortega said Hispanic Millennials are really passionate about their mobile phones, to the point where the devices are “an extension of who they are.” One-third of Hispanic Millennials make local purchases online, compared to 26% of non-Hispanic Millennials, according to the analysis. Young Hispanic consumers also log more than 11.5 hours per week listening to the radio, with 93.6% of the overall group using the radio in general. Hispanic Millennials are a critical segment for marketing today, accounting for one in five of the 92 million Millennials in the US, but Ortega said many companies and brands “may not be impacting them in a culturally relevant way.” He added that some companies may assume a bilingual young person will respond to English-speaking media, when in reality, they might be more apt to connect with a Spanish-speaking effort. Some clients need support in reimagining general market campaigns “in a way that is relevant” to Hispanic Millennial consumers, said Ortega. The analysis cites a 2013 Nielsen study that reported Hispanic Millennials spend 10% more on retail than their non-Hispanic Millennial counterparts. By the numbers, 22% of Hispanic Millennials are pitching in for family finances compared to 9% of non-Hispanic Millennials.   Source: PR Week

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