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Adroit Digital has released the results of a new survey examining how Hispanic consumers shop online and their attitudes toward digital advertising.

The report looked at which online channels Hispanics use to shop, what motivates them to complete a purchase and how marketers can increase conversion rates for this segment. These fresh insights on Hispanic shoppers will be of value to marketers in the midst of their holiday campaigns.

The Power of Hispanic Shoppers Online: A Snapshot of How Hispanic Americans Purchase Online and Respond to Digital Advertising report indicates that while other data illustrates impressive mobile adoption among Hispanics, 72% of respondents prefer to shop online using a PC, as opposed to a tablet or smartphone. Additionally, 64% of those surveyed said they’ll abandon carts when surprised by higher-than-expected fees and shipping costs.

Additional highlights from the study include:

Responses to digital advertising:

— 54% of respondents would be receptive to an online ad after they’ve visited or purchased from that retailer’s site — 54% of survey participants are more likely to return to a retail site and complete a purchase if they receive an online ad, email, text message or mobile push notification — 43% say both online display and TV ads are most likely to influence purchase decisions

Online shopping preferences and habits:

— 74% of respondents said free shipping is the incentive that would prompt them to purchase from one retailer over another — 16% said they don’t shop on mobile devices — 71% of respondents are compelled to hit the “Purchase” or “Submit Payment” button if the website and payment process is secure

“The Hispanic population in America has grown by nearly two-thirds since 2000, and Hispanic shoppers currently command $1.3 trillion in spending power, making them a valuable audience for retailers to attract and retain,” said Jacob Ross, President of Adroit Digital. “However, there are some anomalies retailers need to keep top of mind when targeting this audience. While Hispanics may be heavy users of mobile, when it comes to online shopping, our research shows the majority, 72%, still prefer their PCs as opposed to a mobile device. Also, as Hispanics increasingly become acculturated, the ability of digital marketers to properly identify and target the Hispanic shopper beyond off-the-shelf, third-party data segments will be crucial.”

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