Executives from top media companies will gather on March 20 in New York City at the Multicultural Media Forum, a research and strategy-driven event attended by roughly 400 decision-makers from the TV, advertising, technology, and financial industries.
Today’s most successful media companies recognize the need to shift from old notions of the general market to a vision of the mainstream audience that is inherently diverse. What opportunities and challenges do brands face in developing relevant content that reflects the diversity of today’s general market? How can they successfully deliver that content across all media platforms? Most importantly, how can the success of this content be measured and monetized in today’s complex, multiplatform world? These and other pressing issues will be addressed in panel discussions at the March 20 Forum.

In addition to the panels, the event will feature research presentations by some of the leading research teams in the industry:

— Horowitz Associates Market & Multicultural Research SVP, Adriana Waterston, will present the latest data on how Hispanic, Black, Asian, and Millennial Americans consume media across traditional, digital, and mobile platforms, what kind of content is in highest demand, and what these audiences think about mainstream media;
— ESPN’s Stephanie DiVito, Senior Director, Audience Research, and Edwin Roman, Director, Consumer Insights, will share a case study on how the leading sports network has adapted and varied its content and tone to appeal to their diverse audience of sports viewers;
— Informed by ethnographic research to improve set-top cable box accessibility, Comcast Executive Director of Research Paul Hockenbury will reveal some new initiatives for aurally and visually impaired customers as well as customers with in-language needs;
— Sesame Workshop’s Diana Polvere, VP, Market Intelligence and Malaika Walls, Director, Market Research will speak about the transformative impact that their research on Hispanic moms and kids has had on how this nonprofit organization thinks about reaching today’s youngest viewers, and on what you’ll see next on Sesame Street!

“We’d like our audience to come away with a new word in their vocabulary: ‘Transcultural.'” explains Waterston. “We are putting forth this new term, transcultural, as a new way of thinking about the general market. It speaks to the fluidity between cultures, languages, influences, and ideas that is inherent to modern American life. Each of us, whether Black, Hispanic, White, Asian, LGBT, disabled… is constantly influenced by others through personal, social, and professional interactions and through what we see and don’t see in the media. This circle of influence is constantly in flux. Transculturalism is the new paradigm for American life, and should be what comes to mind when conceptualizing the modern American general market.”

SOURCE Horowitz Associates, Inc.

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