Testimonials ask “What if” Latinos aren’t educated

Culture-inspired marketing agency MarketVision has teamed up with the National Council of La Raza to produce two English-language public service announcements encouraging young Latinos to take control of their future by choosing college.

Called “What if?” the :30 PSAs feature two real-life examples of Latinos who turned their childhood passions into careers by pursuing a college education: film director Mickey Cevallos and geologist Maria Antonieta Pacheco.  “Choose college and make your future” is the tagline.

Written, directed and produced by MarketVision, the PSAs focus on how college can empower youth and the importance of encouraging Latinos to pursue an education. The spots are posted on the “Education” section of NCLR’s website and MarketVision’s YouTube channel.

The spots begin with still photos of Cevallos and Pacheco as children and teenagers, taking photos or exploring, respectively.  In voiceovers, they discuss “what if” someone had told them they could make a living doing what they enjoyed, and had told them that college was imperative. They ask: “Where would I be, or better yet… who would I be?” Speaking directly to the camera, Cevallos and Pachecho respond, “They did, and this is who I am.”

“We hope the powerful message of these PSAs will inspire Latino youth to choose college to reach their potential,” said Yvonne “Bonnie” Garcia, founder and CEO of MarketVision.

Education continues to be a top issue of importance to Latinos[1], yet Hispanics have the lowest educational attainment levels of all ethnic groups in the United States, according to the American Council on Education’s October 2010 report on Minorities in Higher Education[2]. Only 28 percent of traditional college-aged Hispanics were enrolled in college in 2008, compared to 34 percent of African Americans and 45 percent of white non-Hispanics.

“All Americans should be asking themselves, ‘what if’ Latinos don’t go to college,” Garcia said.  “Latinos are the fastest growing minority group in the nation; what does the future hold for our country if they aren’t educated?”

“We were very pleased with our collaboration with MarketVision on this important project,” said Delia Pompa, Senior Vice President of Programs, NCLR.  “Not only do they share our passion for educating Latinos, they embraced our mission and very effectively captured the message we wanted to convey.”

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