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Rodrigo Rojas believes he sees a niche the same way his father did 11 years ago when he started La Semana, a bilingual weekly newspaper.

With other local entrepreneurs already owning grocery stores, restaurants and media catering to the Hispanic population, Rojas hopes his new public relations firm can help other businesses — particularly non-Hispanic ones — crack the Hispanic market.

The firm, Diseño y Publicidad, or Design and Public Relations, was launched by the Rojas family this spring.

Rojas, who is fluent in English and Spanish, already does public relations work with Tulsa Transit, translating advertising for the city agency, as well as some work for the Las Americas grocery chain.

“We’re trying to build up our outreach to the Hispanic community,” said Bill Cartwright, general manager of Tulsa Transit.

Rojas, 23, has been a Tulsa resident for 21 years, having grown up in the city’s then-small Hispanic community. His family came to the U.S. from Argentina when he was 2 and helped his aunt start a restaurant.

Rojas’ father and business partner, Guillermo Rojas, now runs that restaurant, Casa Laredo, which moved downtown in 2008.

Unlike the food service and media ventures of his father, Rodrigo Rojas’ entrepreneurship hinges on a more established market among Hispanics and a willingness by companies to cater to a minority population. For more of this story, click here.


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