Chef Richard Sandoval is the owner and chef of 37 Latin-themed restaurants around the world. (NESTLE® Abuelita Facebook page,

The spirit of our ancestors never leaves us, and Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) offers the perfect occasion to remember the lives of those who have gone before us and the family traditions they shared. Acknowledging those traditions, NESTLÉ® ABUELITA™, the authentic Mexican chocolate with a hint of cinnamon, celebrates Día de los Muertos by creating new traditions through food and cuisine.

NESTLÉ ABUELITA has partnered with celebrity Chef Richard Sandoval, featured on reality show Top Chef Masters and owner and chef of 37 Latin-themed restaurants throughout the world, to create a NESTLÉ ABUELITA keepsake recipe booklet with six exclusive creations. Chef Sandoval will make appearances at four public events, offering in-store sampling of the recipes in the following cities: October 10 – El Super in Los Angeles; October 25 – Fiesta Market in Houston; October 31 – Northgate Market inLos Angeles; and November 2 – Vallarta Market in Burbank.  Recipe booklet giveaways also are scheduled at 250 Hispanic retail locations in Southern California, Chicago and Texas from October 1 through November 2, 2014.

Featured recipes using NESTLÉ ABUELITA go beyond a chocolate beverage by incorporating Mexican chocolate in unique dishes to be enjoyed throughout the year.  Creamy Chocolate Guava Wontons – Wontones Cremosos de Chocolate y Guayaba are shown in a “how-to” video with Chef Sandoval and his daughter.  Other chocolate-inspired appetizers, soups, main dishes and desserts include:

  • Chocolate Adobo Rubbed Pork Chops – Chuletas de Puerco con Adobo de Chocolate
  • Chocolate Jerk Chicken Wings – Alitas de Pollo con Chocolate al Estilo Jamaicano
  • Avocado Gazpacho with Chocolate Chili Oil – Sopa Fría de Aguacate con Aceite de Chiles y Chocolate
  • Mexican Chocolate Tart – Tarta de Chocolate Mexicano
  • Fragrant Seafood Soup with Chocolate Broth – Sopa Fragante de Mariscos con Caldo de Chocolate

According to Chef Sandoval, “Passing on family traditions to the next generation is so important, and we routinely share our love and affection around traditional recipes that stir the senses.  We always had NESTLÉ ABUELITA on our shelves in Mexico, but it’s much more than for making a cup of chocolate or champurrado.  Over the years, I developed original recipes with a modern touch that include this tasty ingredient for new generations to enjoy with family and friends in the United States.”

Carlos Velasco, President of the International Brands Division of Nestlé USA, added, “We’re excited about this partnership and recipe series with Chef Sandoval to create more traditions and opportunities to cook with NESTLÉ ABUELITA and celebrate Hispanic culture in a personal way. Whether decorating colorful sugar skulls, making altar ofrenda offerings, visiting gravesites or partaking in favorite foods, Hispanic families recognize Día de los Muertos as a time of reflection and a celebration of life.”


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