Today NBC UNIVERSO announced that it is launching a dramatic, edgy Mexican mini-series entitled “Crónica de Castas,” which debuts on April 19. The 9-episode series created a stir when it first launched in Mexico due to its controversial storyline, which touches upon racism and bigotry, among other hot-button themes. This marks the directorial debut for well-known Mexican actor Daniel Giménez Cacho. The cast includes Spanish actress Angela Molina and Naian Gonzalez Norvind. “Just as the series stirred deep emotions of many in Mexico, we expect Latinos here in the U.S. will also be moved by its great storytelling, polarizing characters and arresting moments,” said Margie Moreno, NBC Universo’s vice president of programming. “Cronica de Castas” was co-produced by Canal Once Mexico and Ojo De Hacha Prods.

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