enebea twitter follower growth

Last time we spoke, the éne-bé-a (the NBA’s Hispanic arm) had more than 248,000 fans on Facebook and 1,800 on Twitter. Today, they have over 310,000 fans (25 percent growth) on Facebook and 5,600 on Twitter (211 percent growth).

One would think growth like this is due to a heavy social media ad campaign, but to our surprise, it was not.

“The growth we’ve seen on our social media assets is mostly organic. We have TV, radio and online ads that drive viewers back to our enebea.com page, but we don’t buy ads on Facebook anymore,” explained NBA Vice President of Multicultural Marketing Saskia Sorrosa. “One strategy we’re currently focusing on is heavily cross promoting our éne-bé-a pages with our general market [English-language] pages.”

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enebea twitter follower growth
The enebea grew by an incredible 211% on their Twitter page since November of 2010

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