DALLAS, TX – Political analysis blog Latina Lista ( http://www.latinalista.net ) re-launched this week as an online niche news destination.

Founded by syndicated journalist Marisa Trevino, Latina Lista’s editorial mission is to elevate the voices of Latinas/os by featuring stories about or of interest to Hispanic readers, not found in mainstream media.

A newly redesigned homepage – retaining the signature pink masthead – highlights, as never before, the high-quality content of Latina Lista with exciting additions: more original and multimedia stories, links to breaking headlines at respected news outlets and dedicated space showcasing news videos, documentaries, films and groundbreaking entertainment series and webisodes.

Yet, Latina Lista positions itself further in the forefront in this new age of journalism by creating a true community news entity through an unprecedented number of partnerships with respected regional Hispanic English-language publications, talented bloggers, esteemed college journalism departments, and amazing writers from south of the border.

“The news industry is obsessed with hyper-local content, yet when it comes to niche communities, like Latinos, most fail to realize that national is local,” explains Marisa Trevino, publisher of Latina Lista.

“Within the Latino community, there is a strong collective sense of pride and interest when it comes to knowing about our fellow Latinos that isn’t restricted by geographic boundaries,” says Trevino.

With sections such as “Hometown News,” that showcases content-sharing partnerships with regional Hispanic English-language publications, “Linking Latinas,” a growing network of women writers from various South American countries reporting on the news in their countries to blogBeat Partners, where talented bloggers blogging on a particular topic of interest to Latina/o readers are highlighted, Latina Lista’s partners further exemplify the belief that no matter where news impacting Latinas/os happens, it’s of interest to the greater community.

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