In an interview with TheWrap, Alex Nogales stated: “He has alienated the Latino community.” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump came under fire Tuesday after Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was ejected from a Trump campaign press conference in Dubuque, Iowa. Among the first to slam Trump was National Hispanic Media Coalition

president and CEO Alex Nogales, who called the real estate mogul a “sociopath.” “I was disgusted by Trump’s demeanor [and] racist attitude… this man is a sociopath,” Nogales told TheWrap. “He doesn’t filter what’s going on around him. He says the most outrageous of things, the most racist of things, thinking that they don’t have a consequence. And words have a consequence.” Nogales opined that Trump’s statements since entering the presidential race have alienated Latinos, and his statements could repel other demographics as well. Continue reading…

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