The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (, also known as the Hispanic Evangelical Association, announced today the appointment of Robert Gittelson to the NHCLC Board of directors with a special appointment as Vice President for Governmental Affairs for the NHCLC.

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, Chairman of Liberty Counsel Action, Liberty Action PAC, Vice President of Liberty University, and Dean and Professor of Law at Liberty University School of Law, said, “Robert Gittelson has been a tireless champion for the Latino community and just immigration reform. He is an articulate advocate and has extensive experience with how laws and policy work in Washington, DC. I am very pleased to see he is joining the NHCLC Board of Directors. He will bring great wisdom and a breadth of experience that will help us advance the Lamb’s agenda.”

An Alumnus of the University of Southern California, Robert Gittelson spent almost 30 years as an apparel manufacturer and importer. He built his business working shoulder to shoulder with immigrants, and has a thorough understanding of the value that the immigrant population brings to our economy, as well as to our society. A frequent speaker at symposiums and panel discussions across America on immigration, he is the author of over 80 published articles, essays, and journal articles on the subject of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. As President of Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Gittelson is also a founding member of the Evangelical Immigration Table.

In recent months, Mr. Gittelson has been a featured speaker at The Awakening 2013 Conference— Fighting For the Soul of America at First Baptist Church in Oviedo, Florida, at The Changing Face of America Conference–Inside the Latino Vote and Immigration Reform, at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, and at the Latino Faith & Immigration Forum on Capitol Hill. However, he has spent most his efforts meeting with Senators, Congressmen, the White House Administration, and their staffs, and has participated in over 300 meetings in our nation’s capital, strongly advocating for a legislative solution to the immigration crisis in America.

Robert Gittelson, President and Co-Founder, Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, said, “In meeting Samuel Rodriguez in early 2010, I realized that he was blessed by God to be a natural leader. As we worked together on immigration, we slowly developed an appreciation for the goals that we shared, not just on immigration, but on larger societal goals as well. When Samuel asked that I join him as the VP for Governmental Affairs for the NHCLC, he asked that I pray on my decision, and I did. I am certain that the Lord intends for me to continue to work with the NHCLC, and I am committed to work tirelessly in support of the goals and aspirations of that worthy and noble institution.”

Robert Gittelson and Patricia Gittelson, his wife of 31 years, reside in Los Angeles, California. Patricia is a practicing Immigration Attorney. They have two adult sons, Alex, a graduate of the University of Southern California, and Jesse, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.

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