Company makes $50,000 contribution to benefit the next generation of Hispanic journalists as part of La Promesa de PepsiCo, a Hispanic initiative inspired by Performance with Purpose

PepsiCo announced today a $50,000 contribution to the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) for scholarships and internships to support Latino students pursuing careers in communications, journalism and social media.

The announcement was made during the NAHJ Annual Convention in Orlando, as part of La Promesa de PepsiCo, the company’s Hispanic corporate initiative focused on helping build stronger Latino communities in the United States. This year PepsiCo is the exclusive sponsor of NAHJ’s Newsmaker Luncheon, the landmark conference event for the organization. PepsiCo’s overall contribution to NAHJ totals $100,000 in its initial engagement with the prestigious national media organization.

PepsiCo’s contribution to NAHJ will benefit a total of 15 Hispanic students with scholarship and internship opportunities. PepsiCo will award ten $2,500 scholarships to Latino students pursuing careers in print, broadcast and online journalism in English- or Spanish-language media. PepsiCo will support five journalism internships at media outlets across the country in which the students will gain experience in covering specialized topics such as health, education, and other areas of true importance to the Latino community.

Deborah Rosado-Shaw, one of America’s leading Latina entrepreneurs and author of Dream BIG! joined Hamp at NAHJ to announce PepsiCo’s contribution. Rosado-Shaw, born into a Puerto Rican family, is a member of PepsiCo’s Ethnic Advisory Board. She is among a group of prominent Hispanic community leaders that PepsiCo relies on for counsel and insights on how to help Latino families and youth.

PepsiCo’s Performance with Purpose mission is a promise to deliver sustainable growth by investing in a healthier future for consumers, the planet, its associates and external partners in the communities it serves. La Promesa de PepsiCo focuses specifically on Latino empowerment and the issues that matter most to Hispanics including Latino education, employment opportunities, promoting active lifestyles, and investing in science to develop healthier products.

As part of La Promesa de PepsiCo, the company is building relationships with the community, strengthening its strategic partnerships, and sponsoring national Hispanic organizations like: CHCI (Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute), HACR (Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility), LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens), NAHJ (National Association of Hispanic Journalists), and NCLR (National Council of La Raza) among others.

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