Narrowing The Divide

By Alice Gomez and Lucia Matthews
Dialogo PR

Technological competency is the key to professional relevance in today’s society. Unfortunately, citizens are not competing on an even playing field. The digital divide serves as a barrier to success for marginalized groups in the business world. However, Hispanic market trends indicate the U.S. segment is making great strides towards minimizing the gap. These patterns foreshadow a bright future for U.S. Hispanics.

Simply put, the digital divide is a metaphorical separation between the haves and the have-nots. Certain groups are privileged with more access to the tools of the information age than others. Limited access can manifest in the form of economic hardship or cultural inclination. The gap reinforces power imbalances as it restricts crucial skills and knowledge of cutting-edge business practices needed to succeed. Minority groups tend to be the most vulnerable to the inequities of the digital divide.

Over the years, the gap has narrowed. Technology is finally penetrating all population segments. More than 56% of U.S. citizens have access to the Internet — a step in the right direction.   Read More »