Doctor Nancy Alvarez, renowned for her celebrated daily TV show “Quien tiene la razon?” (Who is right?) released a new book titled Nancy, que hago? (Nancy, what should I do?), where she sets out to help new and loyal followers navigate through their various family and couples issues. With her signature warmth and boldness, readers will laugh while they learn how to deal with a wide range of everyday problems. Published by Aguilar, this earnest and spontaneous guide to living is already available nationwide and in Puerto Rico.

For over 30 years, sexologist, psychologist and TV host, Dr. Nancy Alvarez has been helping individuals in need. Her surefire formula of friendly advice and bull’s-eye diagnosis has earned her a place as one of the foremost media experts in the Hispanic market. “All human beings are complex; you cannot hope to know, understand and help them without turning to an array of insightful approaches. That may be the reason I receive so many letters asking for advice. Answering them all is an arduous task, one which I finally achieve with this book,” said the beloved Doctor. “It is my wish that this book becomes a source of reference for my people, a ray of light that guides them through the right and functional path,” she concluded.

In Nancy, que hago?, Dr. Alvarez provides an UNCENSORED response to a wide variety of subjects, including sex, violence, neglect, child rearing, and couples’ relationships. “I work hard to avoid the common mistake of giving one-size-fits-all responses to those who write to me. In psychology recipes don’t work because each individual is unique. It is not my intention, either, to impose my beliefs and values on anyone, and God save me from judging those who come to me for help,” Alvarez reflects. With her characteristic humor, compassion, and tone, she shares parts of her life and professional experiences to help us solve the problems that weigh us down in our every day lives. This is not a simple self-help book: it includes autobiographical passages that lead the reader through a surprising world of priceless information for a healthy and fulfilling life with your life-partner and your family.

Nancy Alvarez was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Psychologist, Professor, Family Counselor, Producer, TV Host, and Author, Dr. Alvarez has a doctorate in clinical psychology, masters and postgraduate degrees in family, couples, sexual therapy; she also holds a masters degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and is a licensed hypnotherapist. Alvarez produced and hosted the TV shows “Solo para adultos” and “Nancy.” She wrote for numerous journals in her country of birth and, after several years, began appearing as a special guest in renowned Hispanic TV shows in the US, among them, “El show de Pedro Sevcec”, “El show del Padre Alberto”, “Sabado Gigante”, “Despierta America”, “El show de Marta Susana” and “Cristina,” but the level of success she has achieved in the US is the result of her popular TV show “Quien tiene la razon?”

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