Small Industry Companies Are Encouraged To Nominate Eligible Professionals Seeking ELDP Participation Through Two Fellowships Provided By The Walter Kaitz Foundation

The National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) is now accepting nominations for its Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP), presented in partnership with the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management.  Targeting upper middle managers of color (directors with a minimum of two years at that level and above), the 2011-2012 class will be the eleventh.  The Executive Leadership Development Program is presented in four sessions, all of which take place on the UCLA campus.  Spanning a seven-month timeframe, the sessions will occur in October and December of 2011, and February and May of 2012.  The nominations deadline for ELDP Class XI is August 12, 2011.

The Executive Leadership Development Program was designed for NAMIC by the Anderson School’s Office of Executive Education Programs, renowned for its leadership institutes focused specifically on African American, Latino and Asian professionals. The central goal of ELDP is to develop a pipeline of multi-ethnic business leaders who will be well prepared to assume the top roles within the communications industry.  A total of 333 executives of color have graduated from ELDP to date.

“Over the past decade, ELDP has emerged as one of the most respected curricula designed to prepare professionals of color for senior management roles,” said Kathy A. Johnson, president, NAMIC.  “With the industry’s continued support as we prepare for Class XI, we look forward to increasing the pipeline of minority executives.”

Emphasizing professional growth, the program addresses the unique challenges faced by executives of color, while strengthening the business competencies that all executives must have in order to be successful.  The ELDP curriculum explores a range of topics and functions such as strategy, finance, marketing, innovation and leadership agility, all of which are presented as integrated components of a holistic learning experience.

In support of NAMIC’s ongoing effort to broaden the reach of this important program, the Walter Kaitz Foundation has provided fellowships for two eligible executives to take part in ELDP Class XI.  Candidates must be nominated by small industry MSO’s and programmers that, because of revenue limitations and comparatively small footprint, do not possess the financial wherewithal to send talented executives through ELDP.

Eligibility information and nomination criteria for the Executive Leadership Development Program can be accessed by visiting or contacting Jim Jones, vice president of education programs, NAMIC at 212-594-5985 or via email at

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