Washington, DC – The Supreme Court of the United States today struck down 3 of 4 major provisions of the Arizona SB 1070 law that criminalized immigrants. Unfortunately, one major provision was upheld requiring police to check the immigration status of anyone stopped, detained or arrested. Of most concern with the mixed ruling is the potential for abuse of American citizens and immigrants through racial profiling. Questions remain regarding the definition of will constitute reasonable suspicion and how law enforcement officials in Arizona will react.

Of the provisions struck down were, Section 3 that made it a misdemeanor for undocumented immigrants to be in Arizona; Section 5c that made it a misdemeanor for undocumented immigrants to obtain employment in Arizona; and Section 6 that allowed police officers to arrest an individual if they have probable cause to believe the person is an undocumented immigrant.

NAHP President, Zeke Montes said, “The goal was to give reliefto hard working immigrants and rightful citizens who live in fear of being criminalized in Arizona and today’s Supreme Court decision stops short of that.” He continued, “Having three of four provisions struck down is no small victory, but we clearly have more work to do and one thing is for certain: the national Hispanic community will be watching to see how Arizona law enforcement administers this law moving forward.”

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