MundoFox announced the U.S. premiere of ‘Los Simuladores’ (‘The Pretenders’), the original television series about a small team of con artists for hire who put their intelligence towards solving the day to day conflicts of their clients. With its premiere on June 12th, the series will air exclusively on MundoFox Monday through Friday at 9PM/8c.

‘Los Simuladores’ follows the story of a team that is trained to staging operations aimed at deceiving whoever is giving their clients a problem.
The group is comprised of Mario Santos (Tony Dalton), the brain; Emilio Vargas (Arath de la Torre), the chameleon; Pablo López (Alexandro Calva), the logistics go-to-man; and Gabriel Medina (Rubén Zamora), the researcher. Viewers will join Mario, Pablo, Emilio and Gabriel as they take on new clients and challenges during each episode ranging from a husband left by his wife and eager to win her back, to a father whose children have been threatened by a dangerous loan shark.
Produced by Sony Pictures Television International, ‘Los Simuladores’ is a story about how sometimes in life, what is legal is not fair and what is fair is not legal. The series will reveal unique plot twists and stimulating storylines in every episode that will captivate and thrill audiences.

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