MundoFox announced the premiere of ‘Dos Lunas’ (‘Two Moons’), the new original drama about a woman, played by Barbara Mori, trying to cope with her split personality disorder sparked by a tormented past. With its debut on May 3rd, the series will air exclusively on MundoFox on Saturdays at 10PM/9c.

‘Dos Lunas’ marks the return of beloved actress and producer, Barbara Mori, to Spanish-language television after nearly ten years. Mori portrays the lead character, Soledad, who, by day, is a brilliant psychologist capable of immersing herself in the deepest corners of her patients’ minds and, by night, becomes Luna, a mysterious and sensual DJ in Mexico City’s nightlife.

At the center of the story is a complex love triangle between Soledad, Luna and Bruno, portrayed by the handsome Leonardo Sbaraglia, a wealthy music mogul and nightclub owner.  Soledad treats Ana, Bruno’s 9-year-old daughter who refuses to speak to him after the mysterious death of her mother. Luna, becomes Bruno’s lover after one of her late-night escapades. One seduces him while the other makes him fall in love, and from this intriguing love triangle, a deep secret will come to light.

Produced by FOX International Channels, Argos TV, LUA and Cadenatres, ‘Dos Lunas’ is a story about the search for self-identity and the never-ending journey humans embark on to find their inner selves. The series will reveal seductive plot twists and unique storylines in every episode that will captivate and thrill audiences.


About MundoFox
MundoFox is a joint venture between Fox International Channels (FIC), 21st Century Fox’s international multimedia business, and RCN, the leading Latin American television network and production company belonging to Organizacion Ardila Lulle (OAL). Together FIC and RCN currently reach over 1.6 billion subscribers worldwide with original series, novelas, dramas, game shows, reality, news and lifestyle programming.  MundoFox is broadcast over-the-air on the network’s affiliate stations as well as through cable, satellite and telco providers in markets representing nearly 80% of U.S. Hispanic households.  MundoFox, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, launched in fall 2012.


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