Special coverage, “Frontera… Esperanza Muerta” (Hopeless Border), to inform on the current situation at various points along the border

Noticias MundoFox today announced  a collaboration with Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) to promote the organization’s fundraising efforts, which are aimed to alleviate the conditions for thousands of undocumented children that have been detained at the U.S./Mexican border.  A series of special Noticias MundoFox reports entitled “Frontera…Esperanza Muerta” will highlight the conditions faced by underage kids at various points along the U.S., Mexico and Guatemala borders.


“The dramatic increase of children crossing the border daily from Central America to the U.S. has turned into a humanitarian crisis,” said Rolando Nichols, anchor of Noticias MundoFox. “In conjunction with Catholic Charities USA, our mission is not only to inform, but also to help raise awareness of how MundoFox viewers can contribute and hopefully improve the living conditions of these kids who in search of a brighter future, have become victims of unresolved immigration reform.”

According to recent statistics, more than 24,000 undocumented children crossed the U.S./Mexican border without an adult companion in 2013. That number is estimated to surpass 55,000 this year. Given these alarming numbers, Catholic Charities USA and MundoFox have decided to take action and address the current crisis.

“Our objective is to secure assistance to put an end to this crisis by identifying and implementing immediate and long-term solutions that can lead to eradicating the situation,” added Rev. Larry Snyder, President of Catholic Charities USA.  “The Noticias MundoFox collaboration will assist us in reinforcing our efforts to inform the public and give interested citizens a way to help these children.”

Since early June, Catholic Charities USA has been working with local agencies to help identify additional shelters and secure bilingual volunteers to improve communication with the detained children.

The initiative will also be supported via a series of public service announcements set to air on MundoFox, featuring celebrities such as Marco Antonio Regil, Itatí Cantoral, Angélica María and Humberto Zurita among others.

Viewers can tune in to Noticias MundoFox con Rolando Nichols Monday thru Friday at 5:30PM/4:30c and 10:30PM/9:30c for the “Frontera…Esperanza Muerta” special coverage.

Additionally, Noticias MundoFox will air a special program on Saturday, August 9th at 8PM/9c, followed by a town hall meeting featuring various experts to discuss the issue.