Excitement is building in DFW for “The Big Game” as the most talented professional football players convene on the new Cowboys Stadium. As marketers, we will tune in to the media blitz around the game and the star-studded campaigns of celebrities and spokespeople pitching brands in the commercials. One of the most coveted target audiences to reach is MILLENNIALS, perhaps one of the most analytical and media-savvy consumer segments. This high tech generation of “influencers” represents some 80 million brand-conscious buyers ages 16 – 29.

Please join us for a panel discussion to hear how our special guests have established a core audience of Millennials from traditional advertising to social media interaction leveraging celebrities, athletes and influencers. Many of today’s Millennials share an urban mind-set and lifestyle fueled by discovery, passion, diversity and connectivity.  They are truthful, passionate, highly engaged, celebrity-driven and social media-equipped. Although African-American and Hispanic cultures play significant roles in what drives urban lifestyle, Millennials’ interests transcend race, geography and economic status.

Listen and learn best practices from our marketing experts in this open forum during one of the most exciting weeks in Dallas history! How Millennial Is Your Marketing?  How Millennial Are You?

Event Takeaways:

  • See how Millennials are just as influential as celebrities and athletes
  • Understand the opportunities that exist integrating Multi-Cultural Marketing and Urban-Style Marketing
  • Embrace the cultural differences of your consumers and reach them more effectively

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