Drama, Success, Insights, Prizes & Fun: My Take on Hispanicize 2011

It was an amazing three days at Hispancize 2011. If I were to post all of the information shared during the conference this blog post may have been too long for you to read. Since there will be a number of other conference reviews for you to browse through, I’ve decided to share only a selection of moments experienced. Read the entire article at Andy Checo’s Blog.

Hispanicize 2011 Conference a complete success for Latino bloggers and brands alike

What a conference it was! It was powerful, empowering, informative and exciting. We’ve attended many conferences in the past where the sole purpose of the conference is conveying theoretical ideas and concepts. Hispanicize 2011, on the other hand, was packed with practical, hands-on tips and social media information that bloggers can put to use the very next second online. And the networking opportunities for both bloggers and brands was second to none.

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Hispanicize 2011 by Mo Krochmal

Following is a curation of tweets shared by participants at the Hispanicize 2011 Social Media and PR conference in Los Angeles April 6-8, 2011…

Census data top of mind at Hispanicize

Rosanna Fiske, CEO of the Public Relations Society of America, said some companies still need to overcome their one-dimensional mentality when it comes to engaging a more diverse America, and “finding the messages that resonate across cultures, as well as dedicating to meeting budgets that address diversity within cultures.”
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Speed dating and sponsors: Latino bloggers 2.0

Welcome to the business-minded world of Latino bloggers 2.0, or as one social media guru there called it, “the second wave.”

“The first wave, they were those who took up blogging…that were into politics, culture, Latino representation, which doesn’t sound too sexy for a business,” said Louis Pagan, a blogger turned social media consultant and now managing parter of Hispanicize, the consulting group that organized the conference.

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