Montana Census Data

Data for Montana show that the five most populous incorporated places and their 2010 Census counts are Billings, 104,170; Missoula, 66,788; Great Falls, 58,505; Bozeman, 37,280; and Butte-Silver Bow, 34,200. Billings grew by 15.9 percent since the 2000 Census. Missoula grew by 17.1 percent, Great Falls grew by 3.2 percent, Bozeman grew by 35.5 percent, and Butte-Silver Bow decreased by 1.2 percent.

The largest county is Yellowstone, with a population of 147,972. Its population grew by 14.4 percent since 2000. The other counties in the top five include Missoula, with a population of 109,299 (increase of 14.1 percent); Flathead, 90,928 (increase of 22.1 percent); Gallatin, 89,513 (increase of 32.0 percent); and Cascade, 81,327 (increase of 1.2 percent). Read More »