Moms with smartphones spend over 6 hours a day using mobile

With the benefit of smartphones and the mobile internet, many moms are now running their households on the go, relying on technology to keep them organized and connected wherever their busy lives take them.

Smartphone ownership is higher among moms than the general population, according to March 2011 research from parenting website BabyCenter. Nearly six in 10 moms have a smartphone, vs. 50% of all internet users. Overall, 62% of mom respondents told BabyCenter they use the mobile internet regularly, up from 22% just two years ago.

Moms use their smartphones for somewhat different purposes than the general population, according to the survey. Mothers were significantly more likely to access games, social media and health information, and somewhat more likely to check the weather, listen to music or shop via mobile. They underindexed on accessing content like maps, productivity tools, and financial and business information, suggesting they’re sticking to activities to help—or help occupy—their families.

Smartphone Activities of US Mom vs. General Population Smartphone Owners, by Category, March 2011 (% of respondents in each group)

Activities like these lead smartphone-owning moms to spend an average of 6.1 hours a day with their phone, compared to 2.5 hours among moms with only a feature phone. And with so much time spent on advanced mobile content activities, mom smartphone users are bound to view advertising.

BabyCenter reported that smartphone-owning moms considered ads with coupons (55%) or that featured nearby deals (34%) most appealing, and they were significantly more likely than the general population to do so.

Features of a Mobile Ad that Are Appealing According to US Mom vs. General Population Smartphone Owners, March 2011 (% of respondents)

Just over half of mothers who had smartphones said they had followed up a mobile ad they saw by doing more research later (52%) or talked about the ad with someone else (51%). Other actions, like clicking on the ad (31%) or purchasing the product later online (14%), were still minority activities, but moms’ higher likelihood of indirect action suggests even unclicked mobile ads are resonating with them to some extent.

SOURCE eMarketer

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