Digital usage and ecommerce increase when women become moms

Describe almost any mother of small children and one word comes to mind: busy.

Two recent studies verify this truism by showing that women spend less time with media outlets such as TV and magazines—but more time online—after becoming a mom. An Eric Mower and Associates survey, for example, found that more than half of new mothers spend less time watching TV (59%) and reading magazines (55%), and that 59% also spent less time shopping in stores. The percentages are similar for moms as they have more children or their kids get older.

When asked about time on the internet, however, the balance was more even: 25% of moms spent more time online while 29% spent less. For online shopping specifically, digital won out, with more than a third of mom internet users spending more time on ecommerce than before.

BabyCenter reflected these findings in an August 2011 survey, “Shopping Rituals of the American Mom,” which also demonstrated that online activities related to shopping are important to moms. New-mom status made women more aware of value and quality, both research studies indicated.

Channels Used Throughout the Shopping Process by US Mom Internet Users, Aug 2011 (% of respondents)

BabyCenter’s survey found that 71% of moms use websites such as shopping engines and review sites to compare prices, and 56% search for coupons or deals. Higher percentages of moms also turn to websites to compare product features and for product recommendations than to other information channels, such as retail stores or traditional media.

The bottom line for retailers? To reach moms, look online.

SOURCE eMarketer

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