Just Fifteen days remain until several hundred primarily men and dad bloggers convene the first-ever Modern Media Man Summit; providing corporate brands, bloggers of both genders, and a host of keynote speakers an opportunity to focus on what’s most important to them: blogging about personal, business and educational matters.

“The year 2010 has been proclaimed ‘The Year of the Dad Blogger,’ and with this conference, we intend to go a long way toward making that dream a reality,” said M3 Summit spokesman Donald Claxton.  “We are focused on making this first-ever men and dads blogging conference a success that will lead to more involvement and growth in number of guys who forge a new place in what up to now largely has been a mom and woman dominated activity.”

Organizers say they have brought together an array of speakers, including women speakers, to talk about the issues of getting into blogging, how to partner with women, and how to go from writing a blog to publishing a book.

“We have received great interest from men and dad bloggers from around the country who have their sites set on Atlanta,” said M3 Summit Co-Founder Debbie Lawrence of Macon, GA.  “And thanks to our relationships with our platinum sponsor, Chevrolet, our bronze sponsors ManOfTheHouse.com and T-Mobile, and a host of media partners, including 790 The Zone in Atlanta, we’re very confident about the success we will have once the event begins on Sept. 9, with a guest appearance of baseball great, Cal Ripken, Jr.”

Details about event sponsors, a menu of the keynote speakers, tickets, and venue information are posted on the event website, www.ModernMediaMan.com.  As part of a partnership with the Hispanic PR Blog and parenting web site PapiBlogger, organizers will be giving our readers a $125 discount to attend the conference when they type the word TWITTER in the registration page.

“The experience we have gathered for this first event is incredible, as 11 of speakers already is a published author or has a book coming out in a few weeks,” Lawrence said.  “Just that amount of experience from men bloggers being in one room makes the conference worth the time and investment,” Lawrence said.   “To our knowledge, there’s never yet been a conference for men where that much published firepower will be in one building and where it will be focused on relating to others who may follow in their footsteps.

Keynotes at the event are being presented by Charles J. Orlando, the author of “The Problem With Women … Is Men,” who in March of 2010 had 301 friends on Facebook but has more than 58,000 today.   A second keynote will be presented by Author Dave Taylor, who will talk about the difficulty in balancing work responsibilities with family, and the third major keynote will be offered by “the father of paid blogging,” Ted Murphy of IZEA, a network that’s created more than 400,000 publishers and 35,000 advertisers and continues to grow.

“We’ve assembled some of the best possible speakers and influencers on the Internet and are proud of the work that’s been accomplished to make this event come to fruition,” Claxton said.

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