My first real job in PR came through an internship with the now-defunct Miami office of Ketchum public relations. My former boss and future PR mentor at the time Debby Charnes (now of Bromley) told me when I interviewed with her that I was a) over-qualified for the internship because I had been a journalist and b) that they would not hire me because Ketchum Miami typically didn’t hire interns. Over the next three months, I worked my tail off to impress. Through hard work, help from God and some fast changing circumstances I got hired. The rest is history.

I bring this up because in several weeks two interns I’ve been working with for the Hispanic PR Blog and the Hispanic PR & Social Marketing Conference will conclude their three month stint with me. Yeni Prokesch and Cindy Lopez, two marketing majors soon to graduate from Florida International University, are very special and I want the world to know that. I have had many interns work with me in the past 10 years but these two are among the very best ever.

If you’re wondering what makes Yeni and Cindy so special, consider the long list of characteristics they exhibited. Yeni and Cindy are:

– Hard working

– Pro-active

– Hyper responsible

– Focused on task

– Flexible

– Humble

– Enthusiastic

– Smart

– Sacrificial

– Patient

I don’t know if Yeni and Cindy will enter Hispanic PR, advertising or marketing but that choice doesn’t really matter. They are good and will be great wherever they end up. If you, my dear reader, wants to take one my gals away and give them an opportunity that further fulfills their pursuit of Hispanic public relations and/or marketing, drop me an email.