Hosted by the popular Chilean designer and actress Angélica Castro, the new series shows women how to sport the latest styles without the heavy price tag

Beginning November 29, Discovery Familia unveils Moda x menos, an entertaining original series airing on Tuesdays at 11 PM E/P dedicated to Hispanic women. Filmed in Los Angeles and filled with useful advice on beauty and the latest styles, this show holds the secrets on how to look great and sport the latest styles without breaking the bank.

Whether going on a job interview, a romantic date or simply a family get-together, every woman likes to look her best. In this series, its presenter, designer and renowned Chilean stylist Angélica Castro, helps a group of diverse Hispanic women to change and improve their image by altering their clothing, hair and make-up and by offering them practical fashion advice that leads to astounding transformations.  

Following are descriptions of some of the upcoming episodes of Moda x menos:

Episode 1. Liana is suffering from health problems and wants to celebrate life by holding a get-together with good friends. She would like to look the best she ever has, but does not have much of a budget to work with. Angelica Castro takes her to a local Los Angeles boutique and shows her that she does not need to spend a fortune to be able to afford some nice designer items. She also surprises Liana with a private hair and make-up session with Eva Longoria’s personal stylist.

Episode 2. Ana is a young new singer preparing for a concert, who does not quite know how to define her look.  Angelica takes her to a bargain store in search of the perfect dress for an incredible low price. She also shows Ana how to create a spa experience at home as she prepares for her concert. What Ana does not expect is the surprise celebrity appearance arranged for her at the concert.

Episode 3. Carolina is about to celebrate her wedding anniversary and she wants to look like a bombshell for her husband, but does not know where to begin. Angelica helps her to define a look and takes her to a department store to search for the ideal dress and accessories. She also sets-up Carolina with a private make-up artist and hair stylist that teaches her some easy tricks to look gorgeous every single day.

Episodio 4. Claudia has lost a lot of weight and would like to show off her hot new body. She has always dressed in black, but now she is willing to try new colors. Angelica takes her to a chichi boutique were she helps her pick out some great new outfits, all while debunking the myth that all fashion boutiques have to be super expensive.

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