GE Appliances introduces Spanish-language mobile site

Responding to the needs of a growing market segment, GE today introduced a new Spanish-language mobile site ( that allows consumers to browse for appliance information on Internet-capable cell phones.

“The new mobile site will include everything that is on the English mobile site, just translated to Spanish,” said Irene Newsom, program manager for “Shoppers will be able to browse products, rebates and promotions, and product specifications, as well as locate stores in their area.”

To determine what information to display on the mobile sites, GE conducted an online poll to create the first draft and then hired a specialty firm to test its usability before launching.

Usage of both cell phones and smartphones is increasing more rapidly among the Hispanic population than among the total population, according to analysis by Scarborough Research. While cell phone use among adults in the general population has increased 18 percent since 2005, usage among Hispanic adults has gone up 26 percent.

“GE’s goal is to provide our consumers with the information they want, in a format that works for them. The mobile sites are easy to read and easy to use, in order to help people research products or make those last-minute buying decisions in the store,” said Newsom. “Over the past year, GE has seen a ‘huge’ increase – 75 percent – in traffic to the Spanish-language version of its regular consumer website,” she adds.

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