Black mobile web users have highest recall rates

Mobile users are becoming more accepting of ads on their devices, and as of December 2010 more than a third remember seeing them.

Overall, mobile marketing agency Briabe Media and mobile social network MocoSpace found that 37% of those polled recalled seeing specific advertisements on their mobile phone. The advertisers most commonly remembered included wireless carriers, major retailers and handset manufacturers.

There was little difference in mobile ad recall between men and women, with females just 1 percentage point more likely to say they remembered a mobile ad.

US Mobile Internet Users Who Can Recall Advertisers Seen on Their Mobile Phone, by Gender, Dec 2010 (% of respondents)

Age played a slightly bigger role in mobile ad recall, with respondents over 30 in the lead at 39% recall. Teens were 2 points behind.

Breaking responses down by race and ethnicity revealed the greatest differences in recall, with black mobile internet users coming in first. They were 5 percentage points more likely than Asian and white respondents and 7 points more likely than Hispanics to remember ads on their mobile phone.

US Mobile Internet Users Who Can Recall Advertisers Seen on Their Mobile Phone, by Age and Race/Ethnicity, Dec 2010 (% of respondents in each group)

An earlier survey conducted by Luth Research for the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) found somewhat higher overall ad recall, with 58% of mobile phone owners claiming they remembered seeing a mobile ad in the past month. Another 29% of respondents recalled between one and five advertisements. Among those who recalled mobile ads, 39% had taken some kind of action, and 43% of those who interacted with an ad ended up making a purchase. The most commonly recalled ads were for consumer goods, mobile content, and movies and entertainment.

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