This week’s Hispanic PR Leader profile is with Miriam Galicia-Duarte, Census Partnership Specialist.

HPRB: What was your childhood ambition?

Miriam Duarte: I was very curious and daring. My ambition was to take a chance to explore and experience as many new things as possible.

HPRB: Tell us about three people you admire and why?

MD: Three people that admire include my mother, Mahatma Gandhi and Cesar E. Chavez.  My mother taught me to be courageous, strong, assertive but respectful. She taught me to continuously thrive to be a better person and to remain faithful to the family.
Two great leaders that I admire the most are Mahatma Gandhi and Cesar E. Chavez. Their common principles of courage, nonviolence and truth for the betterment of humanity remain honorable aspirations. They both personified exemplary service to humanity.  

HPRB: What is your favorite life or business quote?

MD: “This too shall pass.” This is a quote that I find very enlightening. It reminds me that no matter what situation I may be experiencing good or bad, nothing lasts forever, whether it be joy or misery. Basically, no matter how bad things get, we have the opportunity to take something and learn from the situation and move forward. And if we’re enjoying a good moment then cherish it because it will soon be part of the past.

HPRB: What are you really passionate about outside of work?

MD: I really enjoy spending time with my family, great Mexican food, dancing salsa and traveling.

HPRB: Tell us about your educational background.

MD: I earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations and advertising from California State University, Dominguez Hills in Carson, California.

HPRB: What is one of the best lessons your parents taught you about life?

MD: The importance of family.

HPRB: What is the most important business habit you have?

MD:To work outside of my job description.
To anticipate the needs of others and be ready to execute a strategic plan.

HPRB: What is the best book you’ve recently read and why?

MD: Who moved my cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson is an amusing book of how to deal with changes in our workplace and lives as we search for happiness, or the cheese. It’s a profound story that helps us quickly prepare for change to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

HPRB: How did you start your career in PR and where has that taken you?

MD: During my second year in college, I went to work for La Opinión, which led to opportunities in the corporate, agency and government worlds.

HPRB: What advice would you have for young people exploring Hispanic or multicultural PR careers?

MD: To become intimately knowledgeable about this market and anticipate its unique needs and wants.
Remember to be emotionally and culturally relevant when targeting U.S. Hispanics because although Hispanics are united by the Spanish language, each segment is very diverse. Learn about each group and their unique tastes and customs.

HPRB: Tell us something about you that would surprise even many of your closest friends.

MD: I love to ski.

HPRB: Describe the most effective Hispanic marketing campaign you’ve worked on and what made it special?

MD: During my tenure with Wells Fargo, I spearheaded Wells Fargo’s national initiative to promote the acceptance of the Matricula Consular as a primary form of identification. The campaign helped to position Wells Fargo favorably in the eyes of the Hispanic community, become the first national bank to genuinely address the financial needs of this growing market, and helped to generate more than a million new accounts for the company.
This program bridged the gap between first-generation Hispanics and the American banking system by combining both media and community relations.

HPRB: What’s in the works at your company to continue to grow its Hispanic market-related business? What is the biggest Hispanic marketing cliché that you would love to see go away?

MD: Latinos/Hispanics are perceived to be all the same or that marketers can reach the Hispanic/Latino market by simply translating general market messages into Spanish.

HPRB: What are the top dos and don’ts about marketing through Hispanic social media?

MD: It’s important to research your audience and to connect with them the way they want to be reached. Ensure to provide content that is emotionally engaging and participate in conversations with your audience.

HPRB: What are your three favorite sources to find out what is going on in the US Hispanic world and what do you look for in these resources?

MD: Hispanic Enterprise, Hispanic Business and the Hispanic PR Blog.

HPRB: What have been some of the unique challenges of running the Census campaign and how have you been overcoming them?

MD: Undercounting our communities due to lack of trust and understanding the importance of the Census. We’re working with trusted community organizations (non-profit organizations, schools and churches) in the hard-to-count communities that have direct access to Latino families and individuals. The message is simple: the Census is easy, important and safe!

HPRB: What do you think will be the most surprising part of what you are doing and what will surprise most of the people who less than  a year from now will have the results of this historic Census?

MD: It is estimated that this census will show a total Latino population of 49.7 million, equal to 17 percent of the U.S. population. The 2010 Census will reveal the surging economic, political and social power of Latinos in America. I believe that Corporate America will become increasingly interested in what remains a largely untapped market.

HPRB: What are some lessons marketers can learn from the U.S. Census’ approach to this year’s count?

MD: To go where their customers live and experience how they live, eat, shop, socialize, etc. and engage them. Speak directly to the consumer. Go to their neighborhoods, explore their customs and provide meaningful information that targets them, connect with them.

HPRB:What is the true story regarding immigration raids and the rumors of raids?

MD: We believe that too many unsubstantiated messages of immigration raids have been sent that are creating havoc in our communities.

HPRB: What’s next for you after your stint with the Census is over?

MD: Pursue a corporate opportunity that allows me to leverage my experience at the Census Bureau by designing marketing communications programs that enhance a company’s reputation, visibility and market share.
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  1. Congratulations Miriam! Keep up the good work.
    I am very proud of you.

    Love ya!


  2. Thanks for sharing this interview with Family Miriam. You are an inspiration to Hispanics. Si se puede! Con amor, tu prima Lupe Gonzalez.

  3. Congratulations Miriam. Bertha’s daughter. Very inspirational:)

  4. Congratulations sister. You are an inspiration to the entire FAMILIA and to other LATINOS. Continue to be true yourself as you continue to make a huge difference in people’s lives. WE LOVE YOU!

  5. Great inspiration story to all the Hispanic community not only in the personal but professional as well. Conquering the passion of success is a long path that you have endured with perseverance no matter the barriers you had to overcome and this is your outcome…pure success. You are an extraordinary over achieving women in the personal and professional that we all look up to. Your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more; with all said you are a NATURAL BORN LEADER. With all your hard work you will leave a beautiful legacy for others to see and generations to come. With great love and admiration I am proud to say you are my sister. I love you always.

  6. Beautiful Amiga,
    You shine and inspire us. Continue to embrace your life journey with the many blessings that surround you and your familia. I am very proud of your many accomplishments especially as a mother, daughter, sister, friend and great leader… Thank you for your commitment and investment in making positive contributions to the lives of many. I love you…Irma

  7. Hola Miriam –

    Great interview – been so busy como todos 🙂 Give me some dates, times you are available to get together. Un big hug. Sincerely, Roy

  8. Felicidades! Sigue adelante, si se puede. You go girl!! Love you, Maria Navarro D’ Silahua



  11. Miriam, que orgullo tener una prima como tu!! Sabes que te quiero mucho y me encanta ver la gran mujer que eres en todos los ambitos, como madre, hermana, profesionista y mujer. Felicidades!!!!!! y a seguir cosechando logros. Te mando un gran beso!!!!!

  12. Miriam,

    Congratulations my friend. You have given and continue to give so much to the Census Bureau during this monumental and historic task. Your wisdom and first hand knowledge of our latino communities have been instrumental in an effective marketing and outreach campaign in the communities you serve.

    You will go places and will clear the path for so many of us who are searching for opportunities like the ones you have already found. Adelante Mujer LATINA!!!!

    Carlos V.

  13. Miriam, te mando un beso y abrazo y una calurosa felicitacion por este escalon que acabas de subir esperando que sigas escalando mas por la vida y llegues mas alto, con amor aqui en tijuana te queremos, saludos a tu familia.

  14. Hola hermosa mujer, eres una verdadera lider, sigue adelante y nunca te des por vencida, lucha siempre por lo que mas quieras en la vida. Felicidades por tu gran logro y recuerda que Dios esta siempre contigo, te queremos mucho y estamos muy orgullosos de ti. Bendiciones, Dios te ama.

  15. [IMG][/IMG]

  16. It seems to me that finding the right words to express my gratitude towards you and your success are so much harder to find than expected. I have looked up to you all my life and have always hoped to become someone nearly as successful as you have. I’d really like to point out your hard work and dedication that have led you to all your great successes and goals that have been achieved with your ambitious and unstoppable attitude. When I was younger, I was taught that many of our dreams or goals could be achieved to a realistic extent, I was told many of these dreams I wished to pursue were unrealistic. Seeing you achieve many things, people could only wish they had the opportunity to, makes me believe that everything can be turned into reality if you want it to be, so thank you for that. I love you very much, and knowing you’ll be there for me as you always have been makes me proud to call you my aunt.

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