For the first time since the MillerCoors Líderes program launched in 2006, MillerCoors is asking the public to nominate Latino leaders associated with a nonprofit for the program. The program highlights outstanding Latinos who are making a difference through leadership in their communities and the nation.

MillerCoors will choose 12 individuals from the pool of nominees to participate in the 2012 MillerCoors Líderes program. The 12 Líderes will be announced during Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15- Oct.15), when the public will have the opportunity to vote for the Líder of the Year. The MillerCoors Líder of the year will receive a $25,000 MillerCoors grant to develop a community leadership project benefitting the Hispanic community.

“We are excited to open the nomination process to the public and anticipate a great response,” says Jose Ruano, multicultural relations manager for MillerCoors. “There are many Latino leaders who are working hard to improve themselves and their communities. MillerCoors is proud to shine a light on those who are making a difference and award one Líder with a grant to make an impact in his or her own local community.”

The general public can nominate a candidate on , until May 25, 2012. The criteria for nominations are:

  • The nominee must be of Hispanic descent, between the ages of 21 and 39 years old, and associated with a nonprofit (staff or volunteer).
  • A person in good standing in the community who represents the values of the community he/she serves as evidenced by recognition from a local organization, church, media outlet or other form of public community
  • An emerging community leader who through his/her words and actions exemplifies leadership and who works toward establishing noteworthy improvement in the lives of individuals, communities and organizations.
  • Nominees must actively participate in initiatives that involve education, leadership development, environmental stewardship, economic development, alcohol responsibility or mentoring within their nonprofit.
  • Nonprofits and the public can nominate a leader. The nonprofit organization the nominee is affiliated with must approve/support the nomination.
  • The nominee’s affiliated nonprofit must be a 501c3 organization with a commitment to ethical, business and social practices; have a project or program that benefits the Hispanic community; align with MillerCoors corporate social responsibility commitments; and agree to work with
    MillerCoors and its brands.
  • The leader selected as the MillerCoors Líder of the Year must use the grant to fund a MillerCoors-approved community project which would benefit the Hispanic community. The project will be implemented by his/her nonprofit organization in partnership with MillerCoors. She/he will be expected to remain engaged with the MillerCoors Lideres program through MillerCoors or its brands.

Since 2006, the MillerCoors Líderes program has highlighted the achievements of national and local leaders within the Hispanic community. Last year’s MillerCoors Líderes included motivational speakers, environmentalists, community organizers, mentors and volunteers from various organizations who were nominated by national and local nonprofits. Past projects have included workshops to help college students identify their strengths and how to use them to reach their goals and a seminar to encourage parents to actively participate in their children’s education. The program also offers up-and-coming Latino professionals leadership tools and the opportunity to network through , Facebook, and LinkedIn. Join the conversation on Twitter using #MillerCoorsLideres.

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