The Milagro Communications Group announced the formation of a PR and communication consulting resource offering corporate, government and small to mid-sized clients affordable, cost effective and highly experienced media and public relations expertise. The partnership formed between Robert Alaniz, Christina Sanchez-Camino and Michael Chee focuses seven decades of executive know-how and insight gleaned from their work at some of the state and nation’s largest corporations, agencies and government entities.

By combining their considerable expertise in corporate communications, crisis management, government affairs, Latino and multicultural outreach and news media, Milagro Communications Group offers clients a compilation of big agency and corporate PR know-how, without big agency pricing. “The three of us have been in the client seat and have seen a clear need,” said Robert Alaniz, senior partner of Milagro Communications Group. “It is apparent to us that insight, experience and consideration of diminishing client budgets has been lacking in the agency and consulting world of PR. We want to offer a business model that is cost effective and maximizes use of communications technology in today’s cost-conscious economy.” Milagro Communications Group operates virtually and can interface with clients anywhere in California or the nation. By keeping overhead and administrative costs intentionally low, the firm can provide clients quality strategic counsel, work product and expertise, instead of charging for pretty offices and other operational expenses.

“My partners and I have made the difficult business and budget decisions clients must ponder for their communication needs all the time, so we start from their perspective,” said senior partner Michael Chee. “Combined with our extensive knowledge and experience we are confident we can provide a better and highly effective consulting advantage.” The Milagro Communications Group’s experience stems from media, corporate, public affairs, social marketing and government sector work representing clients, companies and agencies such as Anthem, Inc., Alliance to Save California Jobs, Bank of America, Blue Cross of California, California Community Foundation, California Department of Health Services, Carondelet Health, Golin Harris, Health Net, Hill & Knowlton, La Opinion, LucasFilm, National Association of Latino Elected Officials, Procter and Gamble, RAND Corporation, The Rogers Group, South Coast Air Quality Management District, Tenet Healthcare, Univision Television, and WellPoint, Inc.

Milagro Communications Group presents clients with an array of tailored communication services built on their strong expertise in Hispanic media outreach led by Senior Partner Christina Sanchez-Camino, crisis and media relations assistance, public affairs, social marketing and outreach to Hispanic and Asian-Pacific communities and media training and counsel to clients needing these focal capabilities in today’s 24-hour information world.

“My decades of experience in Spanish language media and consulting on new product launches, social marketing approaches and strategic media partnerships allow us to offer clients insight and experience on how to effectively influence the critical Latino decision-making market,” said senior partner Christina Sanchez-Camino. “We guide clients on how to reach this lucrative audience and maximize PR dollars to ensure a strong return on their investment (ROI).”

By effectively combining time proven strategies with modern social media tools and tactics, the Milagro team delivers a comprehensive approach to promote, protect or preserve client brand and image in today’s complex information environment.

The Milagro Communications Group is a strategic public relations/public affairs team whose senior partners bring more than seven decades of combined media and issues management, crisis communications, government relations, advocacy, coalition building, media training and community outreach experience to fulfill client communication needs and influence their target audiences. Our approach is designed to assist clients effectively deliver clear messaging, breakthrough communications with current technologies, and cutting edge media tactics that achieve their objectives. Please visit us at

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