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MiCasa has selected Vidillion as its advertising and content distribution partner. The Texas-based broadcasting network selected Vidillion as a partner in distributing and monetizing its programs on Internet-connected televisions and devices.

This collaboration will help MiCasa expand its presence in every CTV platform, while staying focused on its target viewers in the Latino community. According to Vidillion Chairman and Founder Dennis Nugent, “Vidillion is proud to announce that we will be providing our proprietary Connected TV linear ad insertion tool for MiCasa and stream their TV channels to multiple IP-based platforms. With Vidillion’s advertising platform as a service, TV broadcasters and OTT system operators do not need to develop applications but instead provide a single TV stream. This will maximize revenues without the need for up-front application development and monthly CDN costs.”

MiCasa CEO Sean Malatesta said, “After seeing Vidillion’s frame-accurate digital ad insertion on other TV broadcaster streams, we selected Vidillion’s advertising platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to maximize our CTV advertising revenues.” MiCasa is moving towards exposing its channels to more viewers, thus breaking ground into new territories, which in turn will increase revenue opportunities for the network. Malatesta adds, “MiCasa is launching OTA in eight metropolitan areas this year and we will be using Vidillion to deliver the CTV stream to those regions, as well as to our international markets, on multiple OTT and IPTV platforms.”


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