Three of the largest international creative awards festivals took place in April, starting with the Wave Festival in Rio de Janeiro, the FIAP in Mexico City, and then the U.S.H. Idea Awards in Miami. Each award show recruits top creative professionals in the industry to recognize the best in creative advertising work.
Alma was the highest winning U.S. Hispanic agency at all three of the award shows:
– Wave Festival 2015: Alma received six awards and two shortlists including a silver for the brand new Street Music Library for Personal Music, and another for Liquid Plumr’s “Hello” radio spot. Two of the awards were in the Green Wave category for environmentally friendly ideas, which include Greenworks’ “Species II” print campaign. See the full list here.
– FIAP 2015: Alma took home fourteen awards and six shortlists, which include two silver “soles” for Kingsford’s “Fast Lighting Charcoal” print campaign and two bronze for Rosetta Stone’s “Catapult” campaign. See the full list here.
– U.S.H. Idea Awards: Alma added thirteen more awards to the list, most notably two gold in the Outdoor and Press categories, a silver for AARP and Ad Council’s “Spoon” TV commercial, and a silver in the Innovation category with Glad’s “Picnic Blanket”. Additionally, Alma was awarded a bronze HAPE award at the show for excellence in strategic planning and insights in Total Market for Glad’s “Irresistible” campaign for Gain-scented trash bags.
“We are most proud of the array of different client work awarded because it says something about consistency,” says Luis Miguel Messianu, President and Chief Creative Officer at Alma DDB. “We don’t want to have one or two good pieces a year, we strive to deliver the best creative every single time.”
To see more of Alma’s award winning work, visit or follow their social accounts @AlmaAgency.


Source: HispanicizeWire

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