CLYP, a provider of mobile marketing automation for brick and mortar retailers, today announced the integration of its ‘Big Data’ customer engagement platform with large format Hispanic chain Mi Pueblo Foods. The CLYP platform allows Mi Pueblo and other Hispanic format clients to establish deep consumer engagement leading to more extensive insight into customers’ shopping behavior and buying patterns. Mi Pueblo joins other leading grocers, including Raley’s Supermarkets, using CLYP’s comprehensive mobile customer engagement platform to deliver personalized offers to every customer based on their shopping history, purchase behavior and location—giving consumers the offers they want, when they want them, where they want them.

“This is going to be a key differentiator for Mi Pueblo in helping drive customer loyalty and next generation experience. We’re very excited about it,” says Alberto Gonzalez, VP and Head of Marketing, Mi Pueblo Foods.

CLYP’s 360° marketing automation platform connects to customers’ mobile phones, whether or not they have an app, via SMS, pass, e-mail and push. The company’s proprietary “adaptive” algorithms generate ever-more relevant messages, personalized to each consumer. CLYP’s proprietary BeaconPoint™ technology sends alerts to consumers in real-time with relevant discounts, special offers, new items, and special perks and privileges based upon customer behavior and preferences. For example, upon entering the store a heavy produce shopper can be notified about a favorite product that is overstocked, communicating immediate, urgent discounting; or a busy mom whose visits have lapsed can be offered a free latte when she drives near the store while her kids are at school.

“CLYP is about empowering brick and mortar retailers to form a unique personal connection with each customer,” says CLYP Founder & CEO Prem Kiran. “Digital technology has conditioned consumers to expect personalized delivery, with content tailored to their specific needs and CLYP technology provides this relevancy. At the same time, CLYP empowers retailers to leverage the natural advantage they have always had over online competitors: personal contact and physical location.”

Customer retention is more critical for brick and mortar retailers today than ever before as online retailers like Amazon and Dollar Shave Club increase their share of consumer’s wallets. CLYP technology can automatically and rapidly transform a tremendous amount of seemingly disparate and underutilized customer data into powerful insights and marketing programs that are delivered to customers real-time. Clients have experienced increased revenue by retaining their best customers and increasing shopper visits and transaction size. The increased loyalty and transactions have contributed to redemption rates exceeding 30 percent and campaign ROI’s consistently above 150 percent.

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