To experience the world of mobile today is a dream come true and now with Mi Gente Mobile the best conditions for thousands of Latinos are here. Not only to obtain an exceptional cell phone service but receive quality, trustworthy agreements to break geographical boundaries and connect with “Mi Gente” around the world.

The new wireless network is supported with a leading edge technology and has features that surpass most mobile operators throughout the United States. The company also provides users with a recognized coverage under the Sprint CDMA/LTE Network offering higher speed data nationwide.

“The Latino culture is broad and united. Staying connected with family and friends is important and usually preserved through generations. Our goal at “Mi Gente Mobile” is to encourage and facilitate that purpose with mobile technology”, explained Manuel “Jblaze” Garcia and Andre Mullen, the two founders and young entrepreneurs of the innovative company that support and share an innate passion towards the Hispanic community.

Amid the growing mobile industry throughout the United States, Mi Gente Mobile steps in the market as an excellent choice for users. Unlike other telephone companies, their service and effort is centered within the Latino community, the largest growing minority in the United States in the coming years.

It also features a large variety of plans with no conditions or hidden fees, combining voice, data, text and international calls with a fixed value for each smart phone.

Most importantly, Mi Gente Mobile provides users with international calling rates that are among the lowest in the country to South and Central America starting at $2 cents per minute and no monthly fees; thus reassuring the possibility to keep in touch with family and friends. In addition, Mi Gente Mobile provides a family plan that enables families to manage their mobile budget under one account.

For Manuel “Jblaze” Garcia, co-founder and a professional who holds a vast experience in radio broadcasting, this sense of belonging to keep in touch with his loved ones was the foundation to create a complete and comprehensive platform.

For Andre Mullen, Mi Gente Mobile represents an innovative design that blends unique applications and Latinos will love. “We want Hispanics and Latinos to see Mi Gente Mobile as a part of their culture, just like a good plate of arroz con gandules, chuletas y tostones al lado ¡Mi Gente Mobile is Latino!”

What seemed like a dream today is a reality. Mi Gente Mobile will give users what they were long expecting. “This network is an example of how Latinos are: unique, creative, given to change, principled, honest and authentic. Therefore, as stated in the slogan Mi Gente Mobile is for you”, says Manuel Garcia pleasantly.

In addition to these benefits, subscribers can access; a mobile portal where they can manage and change their rate plans or add new members to a family plan.

Mi Mundo, the service’s content site, allows subscribers and visitors alike to keep up with the latest release in music, events, lifestyle and fashion news.

One of the most innovative features of the network is the partnership with a number of nonprofit organizations to work in conjunction and create incentives and awareness to increase donations to each one of these charities.

Mi Gente Mobile will launch a recycling program, which will offer customers the chance to add the funds they receive from their old device towards their monthly bill or make a donation to one of the organizations listed on the website. Also, Mi Gente Mobile intends to donate a quarterly percentage of the company’s earnings to these non-profit organizations and set off social constructions.

Committed to make a difference, Mi Gente Mobile and its site, will be officially launched April 9 to provide Latinos living in the United States much more than what any other company has offered before.

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