In an effort to attract more international leisure and business travelers, the Mexico City Tourism Trust (Fondo Mixto de Promoción Turística del Distrito Federal) has partnered with The Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau to cross-promote the arts, sports, culinary, medical and life sciences offerings to potential visitors in their respective cities.

Through this official collaboration, both cities will work to drive tourism to the destinations by targeting partnership opportunities in the travel trade, business tourism and consumer promotion sectors over a period of three years. As leaders in the tourism and meetings and conventions industries in their countries, the two major cities have strong synergies in how they attract leisure and business visitors, making this a natural and mutually beneficial partnership.

“We are thrilled about the opportunity to work alongside Houston to further encourage travel to each of our home cities,” explainsArmando Lopez Cardenas, General Director of the Fondo Mixto de Promoción Turística del Distrito Federal. “We are always looking for ways to promote Mexico City’s exceptional cultural and travel offerings within the key Houston market, and in turn we look forward to encouraging Mexico City residents to consider Houston as their next travel destination for its arts, culture and business.”

Mexico City and Houston will pursue business and promotional opportunities that encourage two-way travel between the destinations within the following industries:


Mexico City and Houston plan to connect their notable, annual marathons as sister events. The Mexico City and Houston Marathons will promote each other as well as encourage participation from each city’s residents to attend both races. They will continue to discuss the expansion of American football and soccer, as well.

Medical and Life Sciences

Houston will work to establish Mexico City’s presence at the annual, Houston-based Medical World Americas Conference and Expo. These destinations will encourage cross-border medical visitations and professional development opportunities for residents in the health and life sciences sector.

Arts and Culture

To increase awareness of Houston and Mexico City’s cultural amenities, both cities will work together to exchange and promote museums, arts and events. Houston and Mexico City will also pursue opportunities for joint collaboration in the fashion design industry as both cities look to promote their extensive offerings in this area.


Both cities are experiencing a culinary renaissance, with a variety of creative cuisines and a number of notable chefs attracting visitors. Partnerships in the food and beverage space will encourage culinary enthusiasts to explore each destination.

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Mexico City is the country’s premier tourism destination, welcoming more than 12.5 million visitors a year.  The ancient capital offers a vibrant, contemporary culture that combines pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern influences that span nearly seven centuries.  With more than 150 museums and more than 180 galleries, 30 distinct archaeological and historic sites, the city is a mecca of fine art and treasures that speak to its vast history.

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